Pigeon: Poems

Pigeon: Poems - Karen Solie

This is the first time I've decided to drop a poetry book, this one at 47%, or at the very beginning of the third section in the book, so almost at the half-way point. I've read a few poetry books that I really felt disconnected with but still managed to push through and somehow finish them, although it took about a month, simply because I had little to no incentive to pick them up again. With this one, I only started it a day ago and got through half of it, but it felt like a smarter decision to simply drop it and not bother.


I don't remember feeling so bored from reading poetry. The main reason why I got through half of the book was because I stopped trying to dig up the meaning in the lines and simply kept reading poem after poem, hoping the next one will touch me, or the next one. I didn't have any of the lines jump out at me, nor stay in my mind. It felt bland and I was disinterested in what I was reading. The purpose got lost very quickly and although I kept reminding myself of the general topic for this collection, the very fact that I kept reminding myself was a big put-off. I didn't find any of the poems I read to be clever or something new or memorable. Maybe - perhaps even "most likely" - the reason is because I don't have too much interest in the subject of the poetry collection, or that Solie's poetic voice just isn't for me.


Either way, I feel it was much more merciful to drop this one then to plow through and spend more time and energy on a book I'm sure I woudln't enjoy, even if the other half was better than the first.