Acorn - Yoko Ono

Wow. That's all I can say. I feel so much lighter after finishing this book, which is a sign of the true power of it. It isn't about whether or not the writing and words are "deep", but how you choose to interpret them and whether or not you'll let them change you. Reading this made me very happy because I say that there were several thoughts that I had on a daily basis that Yoko Ono herself wrote down, and it made me feel less alone in this world, as well as made it feel like a much closer, tighter community than I originally perceived it as. The artwork is bizarre and abstract, but I loved that when I looked at it there was always something that came to mind, an object or a place or a feeling which I saw in the picture, and it stuck with me, making me realize how I perceive things.


I don't remember the last time I felt so moved, and by something so seemingly simple and not even that philosophical. But it really touches you on a personal level as well as on a much deeper one, one that is your notion of being human and to be touched in that way is perhaps the best feeling of all.