Match - Helen Guri

This was, by far, the most frustrating and boring poetry book I have read so far. Which I didn't really expect, considering that many people gave this book 3 stars, and the premise of the book was the most interesting one I have seen for a poetry collection.


The 2 stars this book received were mostly due to the fact that I enjoyed two poems in the book, "Lights Out In The Western Hemisphere" and "Resonance Is A Direction". Albeit I didn't love the whole poems as well - there were a couple lines that would throw off the mood for me and leave me confused as to what Guri was trying to say.


I judge poetry not from a technical point of view but rather based on how I felt during and after reading. Yes, there were some clever lines and images sprinkled here and there throughout - it's difficult to point at a poem that doesn't at least have something that you could say is clever or interesting - but overall I wasn't moved by the collection. At times I lost the idea and "vision" of it, and around the second part of the book I began to hope that maybe the poems would fit more into the "plot" described in the summary, but this didn't happen. So it seems that the story described in the synopsis is deeply ingrained rather than presented at face value, but I didn't care much for the writing to go looking for it, which is disappointing. I wasn't moved and for me, that means the poetry and their author weren't successful.