The Weather Stations

The Weather Stations - Ryan Call

Anyone who thinks weather is something boring and takes this every day phenomenon for granted, should read this book. I'm not joking. I, too, was skeptical when I bought the ebook copy, thinking there was only so much that one could write about the weather, but considering that this is an anthology of ten short stories I was intrigued to find out what exactly was inside.


True, the basic concept of weather remains the same and virtually unchanged throughout the whole book, but it's the way in which the remainder of the story is spun around the concept that was truly impressive. Notably, my favourite was the short story "The Walker Circulation", in which every single person is born with their own weather conditions (literally), and how a couple takes care of their baby who is born with dangerous weather conditions.


The stories are moving, unique, and, above all, have a very strong human quality to them. It's rare that I come across writing so honest, and so amazing in its straight forward-ness. It's simply written but gets across the ideas wonderfully. Yes, I didn't love absolutely EVERY story - some I think could've been worked on a little more, given some more meat because the basic bone structure is there - but this will definitely find its audience, and I really hope it does, because it's a rare gem that is not that well known, mainly perhaps because it's printed by a relatively small-scale press.


If you do come across this book, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It will really open the eyes to humanity's connection to the weather in a literal way, but also is very powerfully when some aspects are looked at allegorically. A wonderful read that is a mix of adventure and thought which triggers the reader emotionally in all the right places.