Entangled (Spellbound #1) - Nikki Jefford

Another wonderful example of a book that had a great original concept but as soon as I opened the book and began reading it flopped. Completely.


This book was so shallow it felt unbelievable. It's a mess of characters, events, a plot that's scrambling to keep up with a fast pace and have a peak in action at the right moment. It has insta love, cookie cutter characters, and a lot of high school and teenage stereotypes that made me cringe. There's practically no character growth in this book, except that the reader finds out what kind of evil (excuse my French) bitch Charlene is and that Graylee is the kick-ass "nice" twin that is trying to save herself and those around her. Throw in Raj, that stereotypical bad bod who happens to fall in love with the nice heroine, some kissing and smutty scenes here and there, references to sex, and you've got a book that tries to appeal to the teenage populace. It just screamed stereotypes, especially Raj, whose crush on Graylee borders with obsession and one that doesn't have any kind of logical explanation behind it, implausible in every way.


After seeing the negative reviews I decided this one I'll read no matter how bad it may be. About halfway through is when I started to just skim through the book. It was easy to just read snippets of the dialogue and understand what was going on still and where the action was going. It was predictable, to find out who was behind the deaths and who else was involved and also how Graylee would resolve her body sharing problem. It wasn't clever, it wasn't funny, it was flat and rather boring, truly disappointing since I thought the premise was really promising after reading the summary.


So for those hoping for something new and original from this book, don't get your hopes up. Or rather, don't hope for anything at all. This book will appeal to a mass populace who enjoys the "trashier" side of the teenage life as well as the whole bad-boy and obsession with thinness aspect that comes along with it. It was a bland, choppy, and - honestly - very boring read that I somehow got through and feel so glad I didn't actually buy this book but instead got a free copy from Kobo's "First In Series" event. Don't know where the rest of this series will go (can't believe there's another two books coming after this even, as it feels like the story should just end with this one), but I definitely won't be touching the other two.