Snow - Maxence Fermine, Chris Mulhern

I picked up this beautiful gem just this morning at my local library's book sale, and for only $2. I took off the dirty plastic cover that was caped to the dust jacket, cleaned the actual book with some rubbing alcohol, and left the library sticker on it as it was. It felt like one of those books that I was meant to find. It was mismarked and put into the bin with soft cover books, all of which were very worn and with broken spines, and this one was so small and thin compared to them that my eye was drawn to it, as well as the fact that it was a hardcover in the softcover section.


I believe I was meant to find this book, or rather, that IT found ME. Before beginning it I looked at other reviews to see what people said and one caught my eye about how sexists this book was and how it's about a guy who is sexually frustrated or something along those lines. But what I found inside was completely different. It's not sexism but a true essence of human emotions that I think not all experience and not all will understand, so I can see perfectly why this book has such mixed reviews, despite the praise that's printed on the back of it. This book is for people like me, who need that blend of magic in the ordinary life and want that fairy tale touch mixed in with a bittersweet twist. It was beautiful and should be approached best with an open mind. It's a life lesson, in a sense, that has been delicately woven into a narrative that was both unexpected yet so chilling that I felt I agreed with all the thoughts the author put forth.


I read it in 15 minutes - that really speaks to what kind of power this book has.


It's short ad the minimalist approach fits the subject matter perfectly. I'm so so glad I picked this one up and allowed myself to be pulled into the relaxing yet thought-provoking world of Japan, of Yuko and poetry. (I write poems myself so that's probably another reason why this book resonated with me so much). All I know is that this book is going on my favourite books shelf, and is staring there as I revisit it in the years to come. A beautiful, beautiful thing.