Gutter Kisses and A Hug on Garbage Day

Gutter Kisses and a Hug on Garbage Day - Casey Renee Kiser

The title is quite fitting for this collection of poems, I have to say, although they weren't quite as dark as the summary lead me to believe. Or maybe that's because my own personal definition of 'dark" happens to be Tim Burton.


Anyway, the poems definitely radiated a sense of personal and emotional ties between the writing and the author, and that's very important in poetry because it tends to be the deciding factor for many people, myself included, of whether I can keep reading the book or not. That being said, while I did feel like the writing was honest, I didn't feel a connection with absolutely everything that was written about in the poems. That's alright though, I realized, since it takes time to gain experience and to go through some of the situations that were mentioned in the poems, so this is a book I'll be revisiting in several years and then some more years after that to see how my connection with it has changed depending on experience.


The poems are fairly simple and aren't wordy nor hiding behind any kind of pretentious sophisticated interior. This book won't be the next bestseller nor an innovation in the poetry scene. But if and when you want something honest and "human" to read, turn to this book. I'll connect you with what it means to live and go through pain and climb back up on your feet again.