Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) (Hardback) - Common - by Laini Taylor

Aah, what a satisfying end to this series. I loved it, I really did. When I originally picked the book up and saw it was slightly over 600 pages I was slightly suspicious that perhaps Ms. Taylor had slightly stretched out the tale this time and might've exaggerated it. To my delight, however, I was proven wrong.


It was a beautiful narrative made up of both description and telling, a lot of gap filling too with the whole "back story" to some of the elements, as well as action. It wasn't a book that I read in one or two days however, and that's because there really was a lot more showing and describing than just throwing the reader into the action, as opposed to "Days of Blood and Starlight", and for me personally that was more enjoyable, although I can't complain with the second book because that action was just breathtaking.

I loved the ending and the introduction of new characters that took place in this novel. There was one loose end left (one I won't mention though) that I wish was taken care of but who knows, maybe that'll be the subject of a separate novel or a separate series in the future. I also found myself shipping a new couple in this book as opposed to rooting crazily for Karou and Akiva, but those two got their own happy ending as well, one that was believable and sweet and resolved their ongoing "tension" throughout the book in a...'discreet' way haha. The new couple though, oh I wanna see a new series written about them, it was just so damn adorable and fitting that the two were paired together that now I wanna read more.


It was the perfect ending to such a refreshing and original trilogy that stayed true to the original 'flavor' of the first book. It had jokes between Karou and Zuzanna that made me laugh, heart-melting lines spoken by Akiva, tension and drama and moments of deceit where I just wanted to reach into the book and strangle the damn villain. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Bravo Ms. Taylor, take a deep bow.