Manga Classics: Les Miserables

Manga Classics: Les Miserables Softcover - Victor Hugo

Another read I picked up from NetGalley’s Read Now section, this one catching my eye with its presentation. A manga adaptation of a classic work? Now that’s very attention-grabbing, especially if it’s one that has been talked about as much as Les Mis.

I’m familiar with the original work and have gone to see the recent movie adaptation, by which I was greatly disappointed as I felt that it’s not the kind of work that should be turned into a musical, considering its rather emotional and gripping plot. But as a manga this worked wonderfully. I love the art form which was chosen for this particular book. It wasn’t too much on the “American” side, such as the art which was chosen for the manga adaptation of Meyer’s ‘Twilight”, but at the same time wasn’t overly Japanese or Korean, like in my favourites “The Good Witch of the West” and “Little Queen”. It was in that area that would appeal to a North American audience. The adaptation itself, in terms of the script and the way in which the story was told, was very well done, and the beautiful illustrations only enhanced that.

The “Manga Classics” which this book is part of looks very promising, and after seeing a blurb at the back and the cover of their other book in the series, “Jane Austen”, I think it’s definitely something worth taking a look at for both those who are lovers of manga and those who love the classical works themselves. The combination of the two really adds a new depth and perspective to the original work and does it in a way that, at times, is much more fitting that through a movie or is more effective than by mere words on the page.