Dearest Creature

Dearest Creature - Amy Gerstler

Usually I get very iffy about poetry books when I see that they've won awards or are selected as "Notable Books" because I've found that, in those cases, I didn't really enjoy the book and struggled through the poems.


I breezed through this one, gobbled it up, in fact, and my final rating for this one would have to be 4.5. It was so close to perfection but still, as expected, some poems didn't touch me as much as others did, which I loved. But every single one of the poems stays true to the quirkiness that I expected after reading the summary. They weren't overloaded with complex vocabulary or too far-fetched metaphors and similes. The writing was honest and somewhat to-the-point, but it had such a characteristic charm to it that I haven't seen in any poetry prior to picking up this book. My favorites especially were "Luncheon with the Etruscans", "Advice from a Caterpillar", "Always", "Contrite", "Greece, or My Mother as Pola Negri" and "Elegy with Peonies". It makes it even better that I came upon this book completely by accident in an English online bookstore which I buy 95% of my books from, and it was on sale.


A beautiful masterpiece I'd recommend to anyone, and if I had to choose one book which I'd give to people who are considering being introduced to poetry, this one would be it.