The Wraith

The Wraith - Joe Hill

Comic books are easy to plow through. The strategic use of images and a minimal amount of text always makes for a much more entertaining interpretation of practically any famous or well-loved story. I didn’t read the original (nor did I hear of it before, to be honest), but I picked the book after judging by the cover as well as by the summary.


I stopped reading about halfway through the book. I couldn’t take it. The combination of the text and images disturbed me and I wished more and more that there would be a disclaimer for this book. I didn’t know it would be a more horror-esque comic. Perhaps this is my fault for not reading up on the background of the book before picking it up. Still, I had hoped the summary would prove to be accurate.


Evaluating the actual material inside the book though still didn’t appeal to be. The particular style of the cartoon wasn’t my cup of tea and adding back the actual context which was in the writing itself then I was more disturbed and turned away than drawn in by the book.


I’m sure lovers of the original book and this particular comic art style will adore this book, and I do encourage anyone who is any of those two or is simply adventurous to pick this one up and give it a go. As for me I’m simply not the type of audience this book is geared towards, and would warn those who are reading the summary and thinking this will be a Tim Burton-style comic to rethink whether this book is right for them.