Pyx - Corinne Lee

I would've given it a 4, however the reason why I didn't is because there were words in many of the poems - in fact I'd even say that there was at least one word in each poem - which I didn't know the definition of. Of course, good vocabulary is always a benefit and even a strength of any written piece, but at times throughout the book it felt like these words acted more like "fluff", to impress the reader with the poet's vast vocabulary rather than to get the message across.

There were too many poems in this book that I loved to list them separately, however it's worth noting the one line from the poem "White Flag" which I loved and still remember,

"The lion roars,/upon spying a woman's flesh/between the legs, O poor lady,/who hath wounded thee/so deeply?"

The poems had that beautiful elegant touch to them that really drew me in. These should be read in doses, don't expect do down all the poems right away. They were true treasures however, with beautiful images and atmosphere that was complimented with topics that are easy to relate to and philosophies and ideas which will make you want to return to. I will be returning to this book again in the future, for sure. It was so beautiful and I feel I haven't taken out everything from these poems that can be.