Madame X

Madame X - William Logan

My favorites were the title poem "Madame X", "The Back of a Girl in Florence", "After Sappho 58", "Blues", and "A Death at Badenweiler".

I love the atmosphere this poetry collection evoked. I was transported to Europe and my (occasional) 'homesickness' was thus satisfied. I was taken on a journey with this intricate collection of poems, witnessing the unfolding of nature and time before me, and becoming acquainted with a wide variety of people, either known or left unnamed. There were lines that made me smile or even chuckle while I was reading this on the subway, and even better is the fact that I bought this book super cheap at a bookstore sale. It's a beautiful find that I will keep revisiting while it sits on my shelf, waiting for me to return to it and once again immerse myself into a gilded world of autumn walks, museums, paintings, and sharp, witty knowledge.