Life on Mars

Life on Mars - Tracy K. Smith

The only poem which I can say I honestly really loved and was moved by was "The Good Life" - it was simple but I enjoyed the combination of metaphors and images in it, although they weren't ones that were terribly original. They had a very honest quality to them though, and the genuineness of the poem really touched me and both saddened and made me happy.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the book itself, of all the poems compiled together in general, however there was only that one which actually stood out for me. I can't point my finger at a specific line or stanza that stood out for me, they were all just a rather pleasant compilation that was easy to read and presented thoughts that ranged from clever and understandable to sometimes confusing and abstract. But I definitely think this is another poetry compilation which will appeal to many people no matter what they wish to take out of the work in the end. It's one I will also revisit it in the future because I feel I haven't taken out everything from this book that was presented, but I'm glad I picked it up and allowed my life to be enriched a little by it. It truly touches on the world of the human and the distant space and complex abstraction, giving a deeper level of sight into who we are.