The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper - Mitch Albom

It took some time to finish this book because I had others I needed to read and return to the library, as well as others I read in order to write reviews for. But every time I picked up and read this book i was in a state of relaxed thought, as odd as that sounds.

A story with such thought and delicacy as this one was presented in the best way possible, it's short but to-the-point chapters really pushing the entire story along. It was divided logically into sections and answered all the right questions at all the right times. 

It should be said that the characters aren't terribly original, especially the character of Sarah, although because of her generality I would think she appeals to many people who read this book. This most likely isn't the kind of book that will make you say it's the most original thing you have picked up during your entire reader's life, but it wins you over with its presentation. Where the character of Dor fits what many people may imagine to be Father Time, and the situations in the book also being common daily situations, it really is the overall story process that will make you keep reading, the perfect pace at which every thought is presented and emotions are being drawn.

I stuck with the context that was set up in the beginning, the back story of Dor and his family that didn't quite make a play on my emotions, but it was easy to keep up with the pace of the book, easy to get back into every time I put it down over the last month and a tad that I spent reading it. It was a perfect opportunity to let the thoughts marinate and sink in. It was, in general, a very pleasant story, nothing mind blowing, but definitely powerful in the ideas which were contained within.