Good Witch of the West The Volume 1

Good Witch of the West The Volume 1 - Noriko Ogiwara After reading the novels of this series, I decided to pick up the manga just so that I could now see how the artist had interpreted the characters. I was not disappointed. This series is SOOO addicting that even though I believe this is my first manga series i read fully, I still love it more and more. Damn Tokyopop though won't translate the final volume and all the novels! That just makes me upset that this happens and readers like me who are devouring this series a million times over can't fully enjoy it without problems.

The art is very good, and the story is by far soo interesting and original that I just find it my utmost favourite manga series I have ever read. The more I reread it the more I learn to love and appreciate it because truly, it is not only worth reading but rereading many more times.

Now, I'm only going to review the first book so I'll cram into here everything regarding the rest of the series.

The plot line is very good, however very rushed (the manga doesn't really apply because I don't see a lot of gaps where there could have been more details). The anime is only 12 episodes, which is heck short for a manga like this, so I wish they would have put more effort into it and made it longer. That would hae definately payed off for true fans of this series who love this series and wish to live into every single detail.

The actual ending is really good, better than what I had seen in other mangs so that was something fresh and interesting. However the only downthing that I found was that Firiel didn't agree to become Queen. I mean, I had actually though Firiel was capable of beating all those spoiled nobles down into the ground and coming out on top, but honestly, now that I put more thought into it Firiel is just such a sweet and innocent girl that I feel she would be best living off alone with Rune and enjoying nature while learning more from Rune about everything in that world.

I just can't express my love for this series - I feel it deserves more than 5 stars because I can't help but feel like I'm LIVING in the story and in the book.

If there would be a second series for this manga and anime, man would I be first in line to find out more about it! A definate read for fantasy lovers - THIS is what a fantasy novel should be: easily imaggined; a perfect, fuzzy warm feeling you get when you're reading it; a real-like main girl character that doesn't just fall down the stairs on top of a guy or bend down for the girl to get a better view of her chest; a TO-DIE-FOR main plotline that just makes the reader wanting more; creatures and places like you could only dream of; and, the most important......HOT GUYS!!! I mean, come on, Rune was hot and sooo adorable! Especially without his glasses.

My undying love goes to this series and author - Momokawa-san, you were a true genious to come up with this tale and give pure fantasy lovers like me something to love for the rest of my life.