The Good Witch of the West: The Girl of Sera Field

Good Witch of the West: The Girl of Sera Field - Noriko Ogiwara I got Volume 2 for Christmas and aftre reading it really needed Volume 1 to fill in all the blacks from reading the next one instead of starting form the beginning. So I picked this up....and right away from reading felt as if someone had read my mind, taken everything I really loved and enjoyed and made it into one single book that I could hold, relish and enjoy.

Boy was this a diamond-in-the-ruff for me! the cover was surprising and so was the title. I had hoped 'Please don't let this be some book about crazed witches fighting over one guy or something!' and that's exactly what didn't happen.

There aren't any books or manga I could compare this too, and that's the main reason why I love the Japanese culture, manga artists and manga authors - they are sooo creative. Even though they don't know much about europe and our cultures there they still did a fantastic job trying their best and coming up with this result - a well-written, perfectly paced pure-bred fantasy story - something I can be extremely happy of buying.

Thank you Chapters for your amazing stock of manga books - if it weren't for you and your Christmas sales, I never would have found this series! You have my undying thank you!