Fake Boyfriend

Fake Boyfriend - Kate Brian Ok, this book....I don't know how I had ever managed to finish it but I did.

Let's say that I think not too much feelings were put into this book. The writing was long,and to be honest, in parts boring. It took me about 4-5 chapters to finally understand who was who and to begin living in their lives, and when I come across a book like that I right away shake my head and go 'No, the author didn't succeed in making me want to actually OWN a copy of this book'

The plot....not the most original but okay, I give the author credit for that. At least if the writing were improved and some plotline events were changed or midified, maybe the book would have been a bigger success.

I find there's not much more to say about this book. I didn't care too much about it, let's just say that. It was a medicore book because I had really no pros or cons to it.

Don't recomend reading unless you just wanna read it for your own opinion or becuaes you have so much free time to kill