Oh Baby!

Oh Baby! - Randi Reisfeld, H.B. Gilmour It was the cover that got me interested in picking up the book, and after reading the back I considered this a good summer read.

I think it was even more than that. The book was very enjoyable and very much like any classical chic-lite book that I had picked up before. Of the two girls and their stories I gotta say that Abby was my favourite, mainly for the reason that I still thought Jamie was stuck up and the dress accident in the beginning of the book just made me dislike her right away.

I can't honestly say very much about the book which in this case means I won't be doing much (if any) complaining on the book. Thruth be told there isn't much to complain about - the book is light, fluffy, rather descriptive, and enjoyable. The sex thing though again turns me off but at least it's not the focus point like in some other books that I know.

Anyways I think this is definately worth being a summer read. It's a great way to spend time and keeps you madly flipping through the pages (I had rushed a little with the ending, even skipped about 10 pages cause it was such a page flipper). Not sure if it's worth rereading or adding to your own personal library but if you ever come across this book at a library don't hesitate to pick it up - you'll surely find it interesting