The World's Wife

The World's Wife - Carol Ann Duffy Well, what can I say? Mrs. Midas. Eurydice, and Mrs. Beast were my favourites in this book, and I would say that was the exact problem. I found that, besides these three which I really liked and found something that I could connect to or enjoy on a personal level, I didn't care much for the rest. I was left wondering at some points what Duffy was trying to say with her words behind all the lavish vocabulary and structure that was before me on the page. It wasn't my kind of subject matter simply. From the synopsis I read I thought I would fall in love with this book and yet I didn't. Yet there was something appealing about this book, something charming. I can't quite put my finger on it even. Perhaps I'm just a lover of wordiness and imagery and just beautiful words in general. But I do think that there is at least one poem that will resonate with every single reader. After that it simply comes down to personal taste and preference.