Appetite - Philip Kazan I couldn't finish this book. I honestly forced myself through about a hundred pages and could only read maybe 10 pages each time I sat down, it was that stretched out and boring.

I found the premise to be very intriguing and it reminded me of Perfume by Patrick Suskind which I'd read and fallen in love with some months earlier. So, when I saw this one, I thought it would be something like Perfume. I was proven quite wrong.

I had an issue with how much description there was. Normally I'm the kind of person that really loves descriptions, enjoying them because I get to know everything that's going on around me. In this case, it was rather aggravating. I'm also not a huge fan of books that take place in Italy around the Renaissance or any book that has historical context in general, whether it's about a person that lived in that time or just facts about the particular location. Once again I demonstrated to myself that I shouldn't try picking up these kinds of books because they just don't work for me.

I don't know whether what I was promised in the summary actually happened later in the book - I struggled too much with the first hundred pages to continue with the rest. This really wasn't my kind of book.