Romeo and Juliet (Folger Shakespeare Library)

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare This is a classical novel which I enjoyed. Also, I'd like to point something out to the people who gave it one/two stars:

One - IT IS A DANG BOOK!!!!! Nothing like this could happen in real life. However, this is what captivated readers for hundreds of years! The way Shakespeare wrote this dang play and book is just amazing. Sure the ending was really strange and stuff but I managed to get over it - why can't you!?

Two - LOVE HAS NO AGE LIMIT. It's not like when you fall in love/like someone who's two or more years older your brain automatically goes 'Oops, sorry - age limit is 1 year older or your age. You can't have your parents spazzing out on you' Yes, Juliet made a very jumpy choice about marrying Romeo but that's what makes this book great!

I personally enjoyed the anime version of this book more. It's called RomeoXjuliet and is set in a more fantasy kingdom, and I especially love the way they die rather than in the book. I highly recomend it for anyone to watch because for me, it has replaced the original classic and RomeoXJuliet forever will stay in my heart - I loved it that much