Need - Carrie Jones This book was insanely awesome. kept me hooked from begining to end. I loved it SO MUCH MORE than Twilight because I found that nick was not as exagerated as Edward because Stephenie Meyer had made him waay too perfect and unreal, so I had begun to hate Edward's character for that but Nick was like Edward, except a lot better.

Zara doesn't act like a hopeless little girl like Bella would. I bet if Zara would have been left by Nick like Bella had been she wouldn't go dieing without him - Bella was a wimpy, weak girl while Zara had found out on her own everything she needed to. I love characters like her that are female - it shows that girls aren't all weak and lovesick, waiting around for their guy to come back without taking action and finding some facts on their own.

Books like these make you hate all the other similiar books cuz they are that much worse than this one. 'Need' makes you wish that 'Twilight' would have been more realistic and enchanting. Plus, the topic of pixies has not been looked at ever so this sets a new level for that.

if you are thinking of reading Twilight, I recomend you pick up this book and don't bother with Twilight - this is that much better. However please don't lash at me if you think/find it's not true - I simply speak my opinion.