Wings - Aprilynne Pike Hm, the title was very appealing to me so I had picked it up. I actually gave this book a more generous rating than I think it deserves - the story is original, yes, but a bit raw for my taste. Would hopefully like to see some more developement between the characters. And I so don't like that the main girl Laurel, ends up going out with David, and Tamani doesn't seem to suit her very well, so as of right now I see that as a problem that's keeping me from being totally hooked.

On another note, this is goin to become a movie as it was licensed by Disney (yay!) but boo-hoo, who do they put as the main role of Laurel? - no other than their own MILEY CYRUS!!!! really HORRIBLE MOVE guys!!! makes me hate this series so much more. can't find another actor? don't bother with the books. got it? Just a little tip for the future or else you'll lose all your fans and Miley's fans will change sides. I hate her, so don't ask. And if you ruin the movie, I won't even bother reading the rest of the series. my opinion though, but it makes me sick thinking a beautiful character like Laurel will be a country pumpkin like Miley. BLEHH!!!!