The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy)

The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Jessica Verday This was a very good book, and very easy for me to read in my opinion. The overall plot is very original, especially because I have not ever read a chapter book that contains traces of the story of Washington Irving.

When the reader later find out in the story that Caspian's last name is 'Crane' (which it actually is not - it's truly Vander) I had begun to suspect that Caspian is actually Ichabod from the past, reincarnated or Ichabod's like, great-great-great-very great grandson and Abbey is actually related to Catherine VonTossle, but boy was I wrong! If that would have been the reality, that would have followed along the lines of a lot of books that are out right now - old lovers, died tragically, their grand kids of many generations later meet up, realize the irony, and start having love issues.

But who knows? Maybe that'll happen in the next book. If it does though, I'm not sure whether to be happy I was smart enough to think of it ahead (yay me!!!) or disappointed because then the rest of the series will be done.

Oh, and, just wanted to mention, I dislike, well, actually kinda HATE the design of the next to books - too sloppy and inappealing. That should be fixed. And if they planned to go along with that design of perfume bottles the cover of Book 1 should have been a perfume bottle too. As of right now, I dislike the covers very strongly and it's making me not wanna read the books, but hopefully I'll get over that feeling soon.