Little Queen Volume 1

Little Queen, Volume 1 - Yeon-Joo Kim I think my most favourite manga I've so far read, apart from of course my super fav The Good Witch of the West.

The art is just gorgeous - even if I sometimes find the storyline sometimes confusing it is what keeps me going.The whole Demon King part of the story is interesting but I think if it would have been explained some more then I would have understood it a bit better instead of guessing parts of the story.

The storyline is original to no belief. I. Have. NEVER. Seen. A. More. Original. Plotline. There, I've said it. The characters have life poured into them and the whole conflict is just sweet, jicy details that I indulge in. Just everything pieces together so perfectly that you can't even believe it.

This manga doesn not disappoint, not in the storyline, art, characters or anything else