The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, Book 1)

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins This book was sooo engaging I managed to finish it in just a bit more than an hour and I was impressed with the plot.

I don't deal too lightly with these kinds of topics cause I find them cruel and harsh, but this book was really not that horrible. I think this book talks about a possible future for our continent because the way we are coming to be as a society (cruel, not eco-friendly, non-caring, etc.) this could actually happen. So this is actually like a book that screams 'Warning: if we don't change our act read this book to see our future' and I LOVE THAT We should begin to care more, and this book is an example to engage the most important population, the teens and pre-teens, to begin thinking about this problem.

The ending was a cliff hanger so I'm more than curious to see where the rest of this series will go, and I hope it won't disappoint because after this kind of good book, it'll just make me weep - BADLY, cause authors lately have been sooo disappointing when it comes to their books. I hope this is not one of them