Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely)

Ink Exchange - Melissa Marr This book was a lot harder for me to read than Wicked Lovely, which I found fantastic so I decided to pick this one up. The story is very confusing at parts but overall the plotline is very interesting.

I think there is quite a number of unnecessary detail, as I had to skip about three or so chapters of writing but the plot was good.
The ending....really screwed up. I'm sorry, but I found it very strange and just not that good. That was the only thing that brought me down.

Even though I rated this as ok, Melissa Marr is still one of my favourite authors. I don't honestly know why, but I think it's mostly because wicked Lovely had such a huge impact on me. Looking forward to Fragile Eternity, which I hope will be better.

Also, I love the names for her books. They are deeply connected to the story itself and that also amazes me a lot, so I guess that's another reason as to why I love Melissa Marr's books