Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely)

Fragile Eternity  - Melissa Marr Just what I had expected from Melissa Marr - more fantasy that is plain grabbing. I was dieing to know what would become of Seth and Aislinn, and here was my answer, because instead of them the last book focussed on Aislinn's friend Lesley.

I won't go into all of its details but let's just say that Seth won't so easily give up on Aislinn....and some part of me is thinking that Seth will eventually become a fairie himself to join Aislinn in her realm, because he can't be with her as a mortal because, as some people may suspect, that could/will eventually get him killed.

I anticipate the next book with great impatience. Melissa, please don't give this series a crappy end - I beg of you! Not with all the amazing work you've done up to this point! Please don't let the next book be total junk! if it will be, I'll just cry myself out.

Ahem, now that I've grabbed control of my emotions again, I really wait for the next book