White Fang (Scholastic Classics)

White Fang - Jack London Knowing how much I loved books I decided to pick this one up, especially because one of my old teachers had been telling me about how great Jack London's work's are. I had begun to read it, and found it one of my favourite classics of all time.

I don't think I should go into all the details of this book because there are just too many good things about it, but I want to mention a few things about the book that may have been brought up by other people or if anyone in the future wants to know.

First, I saw one review where the person gave the book one star because they thought it was harsh and too depressing - that's how life in the cold Alaskan wilderness was, and I think to this day still is. But White Fang endures all that, and eventually goes to the owner he deserves. Books in the old days had lots of cruelness to turn peoples' attention to the truth. right now that is not fully necessary but I still like this book because you get the feel of all the hardships people had gone through.

Also, if you are the kind of person who has trouble with words and may have to pull out a dictionary to look up some of them, this just may be one of them. Since it was written in the old times the language between now and then differes, however I still found the book enjoyable without that.

If you're wondering why I gave this book four stars instead of five, it was simply because there were parts of the book the way they were written that I couldn't really understand and kept to from enjoying the book to its fullest.

So if you are by any chance a really weak girl who hates having animals tortured or beatten up - don't bother with this book, however if you like stories about the cold Alaska and animals like wolves and dogs, go on and explore not only this book but some others of Jack London's works - they'll surely capture your heart