Jinx - Meg Cabot Meg Cabot has done it again!

I'm not a super fan of Being Nikki and Teen Idol but after seeing this cover and reading the back, I decided to read the book, and FINALLY I found a book about witches that doesn't suck like Sabrina the Teenage Wicth did, even though that was a TV series.

Sure jean doesn't right away understand that Zach likes her but come on, not all of us girls can catch up so quickly. Other than that, the book was really good. Tori is the only characters I absolutely wish wasn't there, however without her there would have been no story, so I guess I'll just suck all my hatred in and just say that this book was great! (If you get over disliking Tory)

Lovers of teenage witches, dark magics and cute boys, you've found your perfect book!