The Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars - Frank Beddor GAAH!!! Frank Beddor, how can you insult Lewis Carroll, who is a genious author compared to you!? I so don't understand that! Why do modern-day authors have the audasity to question and twist-around well-loved classic stories such as Alice in Wonderland!? That's what made me hate this book the most!

It wasn't the plot, which was by far fine from what I had read, or the character names which were, I must admit, not the most original, or even the poor way the story was written, but it was a fact that a modern-day author is insulting/accusing an author from the past using a fictinal character through whom he speaks through!

Redd and Dodge are I think the least developed characters that need more attention too. Alise is fine, along with everyone else but those two just should be taken care of.

So there, the only reason why I was so fired up and angry after reading this book. Frank Beddor should really improve his skills before he insults authors, especially authors of classic novels. I will though read the other novels just in case if he does change his mind, act and writing style