The Celebutantes: To the Penthouse

The Celebutantes: To the Penthouse - Antonio Pagliarulo THANK YOU MR. PAGLIARULO!!!

I hated the fact that I had disliked the first book because it had inappropriate content which made me feel uncomfortable reading it but this one was waaay better, even the whole story was better!

I think the killer for this one wasn't as hard to figure out compared to like the first book, where the killer had been someone I hadn't even suspected in the first place.

It was kinda obvious Theo doesn't deserve to be with Madison cause obviously he'd have a huge relationship problem, not including the fact that their families are enemies. And the way it turned out that the assistant of that fake artist Tellula (forgot her name) is pregnant from Elijah is kinda also not too far fetched but I give the author credit for making it more interesting that way, because the reader might have though Elijah was killed because of the fact that girl got pregnant, but that sets the reader off to wait to the actual reason he got killed.

Overall this was another awesome book that I enjoyed reading. Also added to my collection of absolutely favourite chapter books.

I'll be waiting to see if Antonio Pagliarulo will release any more books, either overall or in this series, because let me tell you - I so got hocked....!