Mistwood - Leah Cypess If you're looking for a book that has a blend of adventure, fantasy, and magical suspence, then try picking this one up. It's not a maniac pageflipper books like the Hunger Games turn out, but it has it's own pace by which is steps and pulls the reader in deeper, one bit at a time.

I cuddled up with this book in the evening and night, right before bed, because the setting provided was just perfect and dragged me into the world of mist and castles, of ancient lore and horses pounding against the damp earth.

The characters are what you could expect from any fairytale. They have their differences, prides, angers, and loathing towards people. The Shifter was a character I really enjoyed reading about as she was being described and told about, being the strong kind of creature she was.

The concept is a very interesting one, but th story just needed a little polishing around the edges, maybe inserting a few more events in between or making things just a little more spicy and heated up could have worked, but even without that it was a treat to read.

I anticipate to see where the next book will go, and what new lands and creatures I will meet on the way