Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely)

Radiant Shadows - Melissa Marr Melissa Marr doesn't fail to amaze me.
I had wondered if this book would leave me confused like Ink Exchange had, since the whole story of Irial and Lesley and Niall was just a bit confusing for me.
But this book was just breathtaking until the end.

I hate Sorcha deep to my guts, for her being such a horrible witch of a queen. I must've skipped the part of Seth becoming her 'son' in the previous book so I gotta go and double check that little part cause I was confused when I came across that little fact.

Ani was truly an interesting character to follow along on her journey. Devlin I couldn't at all imagine though, so his character was kinda a blank spot in my mind - everytime I came across his name I was just like 'Oh, this guy again. Ok' because I couldn't seem to imagine him at all.

Bananach was another detestable character which I truly and truly hate, for everything she has done to everyone. No wonder her and Sorcha are twins - I hate both of their guts. Just, ugh, such horrible people! Not that I dislike the way Melissa had created them - they truly are amazing characters but I dislike their personality.

And ooh, the Shadow Court - that sounds like a truly interesting place and I'm slowly beginning to imagine what kind of fairies would be there. It's obvious since Devlin is the Shadow King that eventually Ani will become his Shadow Queen, or at least that's my guest. Ah, now there are five fairie court which I love. I wonder how much more ineteresting everything will get.

And oh no, the next book is the last book in the series (or at least I've heard so)! Ah, I'm gonna savour the next book because if it truly is the last then oh mi gosh I won't be able to live without another new story. I'll probably have to go on to fanstory mode to satisfy my hunger.

Overall another amazing book in the series. Not at all short of the standard Melissa Marr has already set.