Kingdom Hearts: Volume 1

Kingdom Hearts, Vol. 1 - Shiro Amano After hearing about how good the Kingdom Hearts video game series was and finding out that the games were only on PS2/PS3 consols or one of the pther consols you hook up to the TV (none of which I own, sadly), I really wanted to find out more about this, so I picked up the manga.

The storyline is original and refreshing, something I could easily enjoy without focusing too much but had a gripping plotline and packed action in just the right places so I wouldn't go snoozing off.

The art is really good, I found, and the characters are enjoyable. I'll wait to read on of what happens to this series, but don't guarantee any further reviews.

Finally, I was also glad to have Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days come out on Nintendo DS, and by far it has been mind-blowing. The graphics, the plot, EVERYTHING has been splendid in the game. Really amazing and woth playing.