The Summoning (Darkest Powers, Book 1)

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong This review has been edited for a large number of reasons. First off I found I as too hotheaded after reading the book. Now that I have my head in the right place I'll be editing it so that not everyone feels so angry about it. Sorry bout that, but I get like that often. It's the anti-Twilight part of me coming out, and I'm trying really hard to bottle it in

The plot I can't say is original, which was probably the first turn off for me. I go for books that have that something in them that sparks my interest. Here, all that caught my eye (to be honest) was the red jewel on the cover. Another turn off was the theme of necromancy. Yeah i still read books about vampires and stuff but I don't agree with them, so I've stopped reading these books for the past little while, but I think going with necromancy....uh, to far for me....

So I started reading it. Before I go on, one of my 'frienemies' had suggested I read it, because she felt a more dislike than like to this book and wanted my opinion on it since I read a lot. The plot was nothing special, by far nothing like the plot in my favourite book I have read, of course you most likely would say that those books can't be compared but that's my feeling. I was left with an aftertaste after the book. Do I like it? Do I dislike it? Now that I think about it i felt bland after the book. For m it was a 'I read it once, take back to the library forever' book (and I ended up giving it back to the girl who gave me it and have never picked up a copy since)

This is one of the many books I'm recomended to read as soon as I go over to the teen section in my nearby library. It's honestly not the first book I would buy - my list is fairly large and this would be one of the bottom ones.

I uped it to 2 stars cause I guess I didn't dislike it so much. It was an ok book in my opinion. Who knows, maybe in time I'll warm up to the series and reread this book and read the next but right now I've got books I wanna read that I can't wait long to do so and this series right now is on the back burner, in a manner of speaking.