Airhead - Meg Cabot I had enjoyed all of the Meg Cabot books I had read so far, and not finding any of the ones I had read disappointing wanted to read this one, since a lot of the girls in my class I have seen sitting during their free time, literally flipping through the book in anticipation for the next series of events. So, like I had been recomended, I picked up this book.

Meg Cabot once again focuses on real-life problems, plots and events, which doesn't disappoint. I feel exactly like em does against supermodels, because everyone who isn't high up into the standards is considered ugly, and just like Em I'm not noticed that much, but what I noticed was when the brain surgery part comes in.

Why is everyone so focused on the whole topic of switching brains in bodies or the main character dieing and therefore their brain gets a transplant? I dunno, but I found many books, such as this one and Skinned, focus on this kind of topic. Not that it is not interesting or annoying, it's just my curiousity is beginning to get the better of me and I'm truly beginning to think about it.

So far, the story is good. It's free-flowing, not that professionally written but still manages to catch your attention while the author is at it, which, for me, already shows that the author still cared enough to actually put some thought into this book.

I don't see how the girls in my class were absolutely dieing about this book because I dunno, I've read better ones, but it still grabbed my attention enough for me to actually continue reading this series. I'm curious to see how Em survives with these struggles, and what will come out of all this. But I just really hope this won't become another series where the author is just making money off of it because that will just make me feel really sad.

Good job Meg Cabot - your writing doesn't fail to amaze me and unlike Stephenie Meyer and some other super suckish authors, your writing feels real, and you're not the kind to go around grabbing money from people while saying 'I don't care if my book as no meaning or moral, I write for my own fun' (this comes from Stephenie Meyer in her interview and let me tell you, she sucks just as much as what she writes), so congratulations for making this far and not blowing it like some other authors do. I look forward to your future works