Being Nikki (Airhead, Book 2)

Being Nikki - Meg Cabot This was better than Airhead, it really was, as all sequel books should be, they should fill in some (if not all) blanks of what you read in the first book, expand on the whole plotline and make the reader understand more of the story from the future point of perspective.

I had a small feeling about what the rest of the plot would be like but this just changed everything I had thought about. This book and even this series is most likely and easily could be Meg Cabot's best series/books she has yet written.

To those who aren't sure about picking up this series, I'd have to say it's totally worth reading, especially for Meg Cabot fans out there they will find this a very enjoyable book written with the already familiar and loved writing style with an understandable topic line and characters you could easily relate to.

Anyways, just pick this book up if you have nothing else to read because unlike many other books that I'd look at and expect something crappy this one is actually more than what you give it credit for