Skinned (Skinned Trilogy)

Skinned - Robin Wasserman This was recomended to me by one of my friends after she had read it and saw me reading the Uglies trilogy. So, following her advice (which I normally don't do) I went to my library to check this book out and began reading it.

This is way better than Uglies, I found. It is a very emotional, touching story which at some points I just find so hard to accept because the plotline is just so cruel of how these mechanical versions of people are not accepted. I also don't understand the way some of the characters act because it just makes me go 'WTH!?' and wanna rewrite them out of the story

The rest of the series probably won't hold too many suprises, I don't know, because from what I've read so far, this book was very promising but I have the feeling the author should have settled down on one book just fit in some more things into it to make it longer, because I can't currently see where the next book will really take me. I knowwhat the author wants to continue with, but if she will end this little 'series' with the ending I predicted, then the second book would be kind of pointless, unless there will be a third.

Overall the story is great, way better written than the Uglies trilogy and by far way more far than the Uglies. The topic and idea is also very new and interesting.