Magic Knight Rayearth I, Book 1

Magic Knight Rayearth I, Vol. 01 - CLAMP When adding books to the cart on one of the websites where I shop for books I found this manga, but it wasn't in the three seperate volumes - they had a copy where all three volumes had been compiled together, so I had ordered that one because I had thought that this manga looked interesting enough to buy all three volumes at once. Also, it was from Clamp and that company has really amazed me with its storylines, the way they always come out so vibrant and interesting. The art is of course getting a bit out-dated but true collectors and manga lovers don't look at that so that's not the point.

This was a great manga. I don't honestly know how people can be complaining about this series not being so original, or cliche and deja-vu but I liked it. The art is actually what makes Clamp, I realized for about a thousandth time after reading or re-reading one of their mangas, because it is still so charming, and their chibi-forms are just to die for!

Overall the plot is great. Yeah, it may not be the most original plot in the world but it still had me grabbed to the book and made me want to continue reading, not only with the rest of this first part of the series but I am also looking forward to buying Rayearth II because the series did end (atleast for me), with a very apparent cliff hanger.