The Celebutantes: In the Club

The Celebutantes: In the Club - Antonio Pagliarulo I had read this series in a huge scramble because I had started with the third book instead of the first, simply because I couldn't find the first one in my public library, so after that I read the first and second book, this being the last book I read from this series.

To kinda say, I liked the third book best, and my opinions on this one and the first one are tied. The murder was confusing, I found, more than in the third book where I think the killer had been, in a way, apparent. But this book still managed to have elements that dazzled me and made me love this book so much more despite its apparent flwas.

I think there a bit too many details regarding to the overall club and how there were drug dealings tied to this case. I think if maybe that would have been taken out, then the story would have flowed a bit easier but I can't say - the author knows best. Also, this was the first detective mystery book where I had actually felt very sad for the person who had died. Damien did SO NOT DESERVE TO DIE!!! The way he told all of his jokes, always laughed and had fun.....ah, just heartbreak.....

I wish for Antonio Pagliarulo to continue writing, because I think he could easily become a well-loved writer, the way his stories are so reality-based and grabby. I had however heard rumours going around that after these three books, he is quitting his writing career. If he is, that will leave me greately upset because like I had said I really loved this series and would have wished to either see it continued or have another similiar one started in its place, but who knows?