Another Faust

Another Faust  - Daniel Nayeri, Dina  Nayeri To e truthful about this book, I liked it. I really did. Even through all the confusion I felt while first reading it, the book wasn't a total disappointment.

Not going into any major spoilers or anything, but just to give some background information so that maybe people could better understand the topic and meaning of this book.

There originates a tale of a man Faust, who is very talented but is not satisfied, so, he calls on the Devil to make a deal with him, that he will sell his soul in order to achieve his goals, but over a period of time, he will them die and be sent to hell, damned for all eternity. Not a very bright and happy topic, right? Well, that's an example of how people are now a days to achieve some of their most important goals.

Basically, the story follows along like that, only Madame Vileroy takes the role of Mephistopheles, who then bargains with these five teens. Victoria was a very hated character of mine, because her overall atitude and name are exactly like a girl I know whom I really hate. The rest of the characters, like Biche and Valentin, and even a bit of Christian, I truly felt deeply sorry for. Belle, at first I found her really spolied and bratty but by the end I grew to understand her too.

Unlike many modern books that are just written for the purpose of entertaining others I think that this book has a deeper meaning to it, to make you stop and think about your life before making mistakes and giving into sins, which, in a way, is like baragining your soul with the Devil.

I'm Catholic, and I maybe should be against this kind of book, but I feel more open minded after reading this because it just shows you the different courses you could take in your life. Drugs and alchohol, as well as bad people that abuse or do horrid things to you are the the Devil in the book stopping you from reaching your goal, but you just don't have to make any deals with anyone, just listen to yourself and believe that you could achieve anything you dream of.

Not a bad book. Though confusing, it holds a deep meaning and I think a lesson people, especially teens like me and many others, should hear and learn for their lives. Curious to see if there will be any sort of continuation for this novel.