Adored (It Girl, Book 8)

Adored - Cecily von Ziegesar Ok, so I was briwsing through the shelves of my local library, and found this book. I had heard about Gossip Girl and the It Girl series, but hadn't read any of the books for either series, and even though they didn't have any books before this one I said 'Screw it! I ust wanna see what older teens and even grownups are dieing about, why is this series so good?'

I'm not sure if I made a good or bad choice, but one thing I found - at 13 (or 12 and 3/4) you shouldn't read this kind of book. No. Even if you're mature enough to handle reading about all the things in this book, you'll still feel weird on the inside. At least, that's how I had felt.

This book got three stars because honestly, I DID like it, and I tried very hard to like it, not looking at all the 15+ content it had in it, but since it did have that content, I had to lower my rating because some of the things it mentioned in the book, I went like 'What the heck!? I'd never do that at 13!!!'

So yeah. Looking forward to fully diving into this series later on when I get a bit older but right now, not for me, although like I said I did enjoy this book beyond all the surprises it held.