Devilish - Maureen Johnson This book was GOOD, and I do mean it.

Compared to other books that include teenagers that made bargains with the devil this one stood out by a lot.

Jane is a character most/all girls can relate too, so that's good because she wasn't some kind of alien girl that was completely different from people you might know.

The way Jane's friend threw up on the cupcake and ended up turning the whole story in the direction it was supposed to go rather impressed me. It's not in every book you have a secondary character throwing up on a cupcake!

The plot was actually well thought through and well written. The writing was fluffy yet descriptive but nothing too heavy on the mind.

The only thing I had found confusing in this book was its ending. I didn't quite understand how they got rid of the girl devil, and I had reread this book a couple of times but that didn't help.

The thing that lowered my rating on this book was the few cryptic moments their were in the book, especially the blood bath scene in the school. Made me feel weak in the knees and hands while I read that.

Overall a good book and I believe a worthy addiction to a person who enjoys reading and collecting popular or simple young adult fiction.