Lucky (Avery Sisters Trilogy)

Lucky - Rachel Vail I dunno but for some reason I had expected more from this book, mostly judging by the cover and its inside flap summary

The true colours of this book I think showed only at the very end. It only took me maximum 2hrs to read this book because I just read quickly and basiclly flipped page after page after page in the beginning and middle, but when I came to the end I was like 'Wow. Although the beginning and middle may not be good the end was...WOW'

The story isn't actually at all bad, it's just...I think it's something to do with the plot and then partially with the way it was written because it didn't grab my attention at first but in the end, like I said, the book was good.

I didn't hate this book, and yet I didn't positively like it. I had a medium feeling about it, because they were things I agreed with and things I didn't agree with that were in the book.

Would I read this book again? Yes. Right now? No. I think I'd take some time and then read this book again to see my second impression of it because I don't think this is such a horrible book, however it cannot and I strongly believe will never be compared to the writing giants of literature, even modern such as Meg Cabot because it has not reached that level yet, but I think if Rachel Vail works a bit on her writing then something amazing will come out