Ecstasia - Francesca Lia Block What made me pick this up was actually the cover. A girl at a masquerade ball looking at someone had grabbed my interest and after reading the back of the book I knew I had to buy it.

No regret came from my decision. The book was very promising and the author had fullfilled her promise by delivering a good solid plotline with enchanting characters and scenery that just made you gasp with every turn of a page.

The writing was amazing. The way everything was described so amazingly using such great words just amazed me. The characters this author managed to create were the first of their kind I've ever read about. There's just so much life poured into this book that you can almost feel like you're actually there when whatever is written on the page is happening.

The only problem I've found with this book is that the format was very confusing. The way the 'chapters' were put together and how verses of songs and writing were blended together just made my brain feel razzled. I think I would have preferred if th poetry was put aside seperately while the author would have progressed with the writing part of the book.

Well, you don't always get what you want but this was a very interesting book. I don't see at all where the Greek Mythology could be tied in but oh well - if the book managed to catch my attention and keep me so amazed I don't care about such small details as that