Blue Moon (The Immortals, Book 2)

Blue Moon - Alyson Noël Not exactly what I expected from this series. The series took a serious turn to the pont where I was on the edge of my seat sitting and wanting to know what happens next. Because of my mad page flipping though I missed almost 1/4 of the book and didn't understand the full story. I'm not the kind of person who reads every single word in a book though but I regret not reading most of the parts I skipped.

Ok, in this book, the teenage theme of...ahem...comes to play which again had irritated me. Why do authors start putting that into the book? Sure if that was them at that age I won't complain but since many of them weren't like that in their teenage years why write that into a book?

Ever's stupidity begins to show itself in this book in a large number of places. If in the previous book I had felt that Ever was an independant girl and had a backbone that feeling is now slowly waining from me.

There were some very stupid parts I found in this book that I just couldn't believe the author would write that but overall, I had suprisingly liked the book. There was something about it that had grabbed my attention and made me focus more on the positive parts than the negative.

I truly hope the next book will not disappoint any further than what I feel now.