Dark Flame (the Immortals, Book 4)

Dark Flame - Alyson Noel Oh Ms. Noel....Why did you have to carve a cross on your own series? Why?

I had loved, absolutely LOVED the first book in this series, but then Blue Moon came out, making me feel downright confused, and then Shadowland, where I was trying so hard not to hate it.

Damen's secret was just bland. I think all of us could've guessed that Ever was pulled away from her family, they had a lot of hardships with Damen, yada yada yada. That wasn't a secret from the readers, at least those who read all the details or had infered at least.

Haven was a bitch. I hated her. There was just so much to hate in her and that is the way the readers were suppossed to feel I guess, so at least that had banged onto the spot.
Now Ever...poor misguided Ever...stop being a ninny. SERIOUSLY. Clean up your act, how did you go from not caring about what other people said in book one to being such a softie and then eventually mush like a lot of girl characters in books throughout the next three books? It's called girl power. Use it. It's not something to be underestimated with, and you just throw in the towl. Geez...
And Damen. Boy oh boy, DAMEN. You are just a little...Luckily not a lot of the whole Edward Cullen shit showed itself in his personality but it was still seeping through. You either help Ever, get to your senses, or jump away and give her to Jude. Cause right now I say she's better off with Jude. Cause there's not so damn much you can give her now, can you?

Roman dies. Yaaay. That was one thing that made me happy, but the way he died...Oh gosh. There goes another plot twist. That was one thing I didn't expect to see but it was also rather disappointing. I get the feeling the antidote won't ever get back and then boohoo for Ever and Damen. Someone just speed things up.

Not that horrible a book that I'd hate it but I was kinda disappointed.
I hope the next book is better and even Alyson Noel's next book series won't take this same course. Please, trust me, you'll lose a lot of fans that way if you keep digging up and twisting your own story.