The Triangle at Rhodes

The Triangle at Rhodes (A short story) - Agatha Christie Why is it that whenever I make a prediction in the beginning I always turn out wrong? I dunno, it's just always been a pattern with the Agatha Christie Poirot novels and TV Series yet I don't mind, as long a my 'grey mass' is working inside of my head (I think Poirot is really starting to get to me, in a good way)

Hum, the way this story was set I was carefully running back and forth between the characetrs trying to understand who was honest and who wasn't, and I was wrong on my whole theory.

The thing that scares me is the rapid speed I'm consuming this whole series at - I only have a few episodes of season 11 left and have to then desperately wait for the next season. Amazing series that will just get you thinking and alert on your toes.